Graphic Image Advice

The importance of Brand image


If you need advice about the graphic image of your company and your products you can count on Estudio 72. According to your commercial objectives and brand image, we evaluate the available alternatives, in order to help you select the most adequate option.

  • Materials

  • Sizes

  • Finishes

  • Print types

We know that the most important aspect of your company is its image; and that is why in STUDIO 72 we create and make impactful ideas to consolidate your graphic image. We propose ideas to make your new products known; to capture the attention of your new audience, or to reinforce and refresh your image.

We are aware of the importance of your brand. And so we are flexible and try by all means to provide ideas which satisfy your needs.

If you want Advice about your graphic image and printing needs, get in touch with us and we will call you as soon as possible!


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Estudio 72 provides advice and personalized graphic image solutions for companies and organizations that wish to optimize their corporate image in the Canary Islands.